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Wireless Audience Voting System

DigiGames provides audience voting systems for live entertainers and business events. The system is a breeze to use - audience members or contestants simply hold a keypad and when questions appear on the main screen each person ‘keys’ in their response. The results are displayed within our software.

Our powerful software is easy to use and allows you to poll the audience as a whole, split the audience in half and poll each half, and split the audience to as much as 20 teams or individual contestants.  The software tracks everything!

This is sometimes called audience response, audience voting, keypad voting, audience keypads, game show voting, voting systems, interactive voting, audience polling, or poll the audience.

Proven Benefits:

The most effective meeting and learning activities often center around a simple rule:  Involve your audience.  Wireless audience interactive systems allow you to attain new heights of interaction in a way that's proven to encourage participation, improve comprehension, and increase retention.

Whether you are an entertainer, presenter, educator, event planner, or youth group organizer, DigiGames wireless audience response keypads will significantly enhance each of your events.

Using a DigiGames you can engage and involve your audience to facilitate interaction and encourage intense participation, assess the understanding of your participants, track the effectiveness of your program and delivery, and provide immediate feedback to your audience.

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